1. Where can I purchase a Scooter?

M&M Motorsports, 5058 Blue Ridge Blvd, Kansas City, MO  64133 (816) 850-5303.  We offer new & used scooters,  49 cc and larger , we are an authorized full service dealer.  We sell SYM, Lance, Puma, Propel and Vectrix (Electric) Scooters.

A scooter is a style of two-wheeled motor vehicle with certain design characteristics such as a step-through frame, automatic transmission. The definition is evolving as motorcycle designs change over time.

2. What manufacture produces SYM Scooters?

SYM scooters are one of Taiwans top 20 companies.

SYM scooters are designed and produced by Sanyang Industry Co, Ltd. aka SYM. Sanyang was founded in 1954 in Taiwan and has solidified its international recognition in automobile and motorcycle/scooter manufacture. SYM is proud of our exclusive partnership with Sanyang to bring innovative and high quality scooters to the US market.

Winning the 2006 BEST GLOBAL BRAND AWARD. SYM brand scooters are of equal or often better quality than you would expect from other scooter brands like Vespa or Kymco, yet beating their prices easily.

3. Why should I purchase a scooter from an authorized dealer vs. thru the internet?

Scooters should only be purchased through local authorized dealers. An authorized dealer will prepare and tune your scooter before the sale to ensure it will be in top running performance. Your authorized dealer will also explain your scooter operation, necessary maintenance, complete your registration and licensing requirements and offer warranty and service support.

4. Do I need a motorcycle license to ride a scooter, if so how can I obtain a license?

It depends on your state law. Certain states do not require motorcycle license or registration for engines under 50cc. Other states require different motorcycle license depending on the size of the engine. Please contact your local DMV for more info.

5. My scooter will not start. What should I do?

Scooters usually have smaller size engines which are more sensitive to stale fuel and fuel impurities. And because scooter are often driven in shorter distances but stored for extended lengths of time, batteries are often drained faster.

Cold mornings, hot afternoons and extended non operation can cause difficult start. However, most problems are caused by stale fuel which can clog your carburetor and/or a dead battery. Adding fuel stabilizer and a trickle charger to your battery can help prevent these issues.

If you are a new rider, please be familiar as to how to “winterize” your scooter when not in use. Some easy prevention, scheduled maintenance and oil changes will help your scooter run smoothly for years.

6. How do I break in my scooter?

Always refer to your owner’s manual and talk to your authorized dealer.

A correctly engine break in will create a tight fit between the piston rings and the cylinder walls in your engine. This help prevents oil leaks and will improve your scooter’s power and performance.

The following are some general overview:
Do lot of city riding with lot of stop and go traffic.
Do not break in your scooter on an open road with open throttle.
After about 500 miles, change your oil and oil filter as engine parts rubbing together scrape off small shcards of metal and will act like a sandpaper floating in your engine. Once you complete these steps, your scooter will be well broken in.
Frequent oil changes will help ensure a long engine life.

7.How to maintain my scooter/motorcycle?

1. Use quality-assured fuel. 91 octane or better.
2. Exchange engine oil periodically.
3. Inspect or exchange air cleaner element according to operating environment.

8.What is “Ceramic Coating Cylinder”?

The Coating Cylinder is to electroplate a layer of specialized coating material at the surface of combustion chamber, which holds the advantage of hardness and better heat evaporation efficiency, thus performs better resistance to friction ,and requires no more boring process.

The advantage of Coating Cylinder are listed below:
1. lighter weight. 10%~25% lighter than conventional cylinder.
2. Better high temperature resistance, under fully lubrication, the Coating Cylinder can sustain the temperature over 1500℃.
3. High friction resistance, the hardness is 2~3 times harder than conventional cylinder.
4. High heat evaporation efficiency, the combustion heat can travel to the cooling fin quickly.